UCI Scholarships on ScholarshipUniverse

UCI Scholarships is now using ScholarshipUniverse for students to apply and match to campuswide and external scholarships. Now, with ScholarshipUniverse’s matching tool, students will no longer have to search through each scholarship to see which ones they qualify for. External scholarships are vetted through ScholarshipUniverse, so students can rest assured that the external scholarships they are applying for are safe and trustworthy. Below are some quick steps to get started:

How to Set Up Your Profile and Apply




Step 1: Student Log In
Students can log in to ScholarshipUniverse with their UCInetID and password.
UCInetID log in page
Step 2: Set Up Profile 

On initial log in, students will be directed to a welcome page where they will be asked to fill out basic questions to help match them to available scholarships. 

First log in page

Step 3: View Dashboard 
Once students finish their profile, they will be directed to their dashboard that will show them all of the campuswide and external scholarships that they match with at a glance. 
SU Dashboard
Step 4: Apply for scholarships
Students will be able to see a full list of scholarships that they can look through and decide which ones they want to apply to. 
SU Matched scholarships page
On this page, there are several tabs students may view:
  • The Matches tab will show students all the scholarships that they match with 
  • The Pinned tab contains scholarships that students have marked that they are interested in applying to 
  • The Partial Matches tab contains scholarships where students have answered some, but not all of the matching questions. Once the student answers all the matching questions, the scholarship will move to either the Matches or Non-Matches tab. 
  • The Application Submitted tab allows students to view scholarships they have applied to 
  • The Awarded tab shows students the scholarships they have been awarded
  • The Non- Matches tab lists the scholarships the student in not eligible to apply for
  • The Not Interested tab contains all the scholarships the student has selected as not interested in applying to. 



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UCI Scholarship Disclosure

UCI Distinguished Scholarships Category

The Distinguished Scholarship category does not require any scholarship application. Students are automatically considered for the scholarships in this category based on the UC application for admission. No additional materials are required nor considered in the selection process for these scholarships. To be considered for these three scholarships, you must apply for fall admission by November 30.

Scholarship Writing Tips

Writing a good scholarship answer:

  • Respond to the question asked.
  • Each question on the scholarship application is designed to provide insight regarding one or more of the scholarships offered by our office.
  • Go into depth and detail regarding your experiences and involvements.
  • Discuss activities, what do they mean to you, and what impact have they had on your life.
  • Restrict storytelling and extraneous descriptions unless the question asks for it.