Meet the people who make it happen.

The mission of our office is to provide students and their families with the financial resources necessary to ensure access to their academic goals. But, the best part of our job is working with students. Reach out if you have a question or just want to know if you’re on the right track.


Rebecca Sanchez, Director

Toenya Rose, Office Manager

Olivia Garcia, Associate Director, Business Applications

Julianne Ohlander, Statistics and Research Analyst

Sergio Ramirez, Human Resources, Finance, Work-study Coordinator

Policy and Training

Ben Shaver, Associate Director

Vanan Pham, Compliance and Quality Control Coordinator

Student Services

Crystal Madaule, Senior Associate Director, Student Services

Daisey Ureña, Supervisor, Counseling Unit

Kookie Vu, Associate Director, Student Services

Student Services Counselors

Nga Nguyen, Education Abroad Program (EAP), Veteran Benefits

Elizabeth Craney, Athletics, Cal Grant, Middle Class Scholarship

Rosario Schlinger, Education Abroad Program (EAP), UCDC Program

Jasmin Henderson, Cal Grant, Middle Class Scholarship, Teach Grant

Maria Noblejas, Cal Grant, Independent Program (Study Abroad), Teach Grant

Jasmin Garcia, Cal Grant, Athletics, Middle Class Scholarship

Ciara Carames, Education Abroad Program (EAP), Independent Program (Study Abroad), ECERT Grant

Student Services Advisors 

Andrew Lashua, Supervisor, Advising Unit

Esmeralda Navarro, Advisor

Chelsea Amezcua, Advisor

Venecia Flores, Advisor

Fiscal Operations

Sonnia Manzo, Fiscal Manager

Stephanie Watson, Middle Class Scholarship, Cal Grant, GATES, AmeriCorps, Vet Waiver, Athletics

Elizabeth Huizar, Pell Grant, Outside Agency, Vocational Rehab, Third Party

Jazarine Alvarez, Cal Grant, Middle Class Scholarship, Post 911, Outside Scholarships

Joann Lim, Direct Loan, Alternative Loans, Outside Scholarships


Fabian Firoozi, Assistant Director

Kuni Kondo, Scholarships Manager

Danika Harada, Scholarships Officer

Keiana Kitaoka, Scholarships Officer

Sarah Beydoun, Scholarships Officer

Gargi Dahiya, Scholarships Officer

Martha Barranco Luna, Scholarships Intern

Stacie Pham, Scholarships Intern

Information Technology 

Scott Lusby, IT Manager

Chris Cheung, IT

James Chou, IT

Winnifer Huynh, IT

Sonali Jambhekar, IT

Robert Purcell, IT

David Wooldridge, IT