Outside scholarships

UCI maintains a list of outside scholarships that SOM students may qualify for.

         Provider: The MacKenzie Foundation

             Application Deadline: April 1, 2022

             Award Amount: Varies

             Contact Information:
             UCI School of Medicine's Financial Aid Office for an application

             Eligibility Requirements:

-Mac Kenzie scholarships are generally limited to students preparing for the active practice of medicine, and in particular in family practice and related primary care areas (i.e. family practice, internal medicine, OB/GYN and pediatrics)

-Restricted to students who will practice in the U.S.
-Emphasis on upper class students
-Have financial need. Applicants will be evaluated by the Foundation on the basis of financial information, scholarship and other relevant information. By far the most important criterion, however, is the financial need of the student.
-Debt Load. Of particular significance, in evaluating the relative financial needs of the applicant students, is the debt load which has been accumulated up to the date of submission of the application.

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