Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement

Understand the responsibilities that come with college loans, including entrance and exit counseling and repayment obligations.

What is the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment?

This is an online session that is intended to better assist students and/or parents understand the responsibilities of borrowing. The goal is to help you understand how your loans may affect your financial future.

NOTE: Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, borrowers of Federal Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and PLUS loans will be required to complete this process once each award year before receiving disbursement of their loan.

Know your student loan repayment obligations

Staying on top of loan repayments now will help save you worry and unnecessary paperwork.

  • A student loan is a serious and important financial obligation, and you have to repay your loan.
  • You are required to repay your loan(s) regardless of whether you complete your education, are able to find employment, or are satisfied with your education.
  • Repayment is required according to the terms of your promissory note.
  • You must provide your loan servicer with corrections to your name, address, references, Social Security number, and driver's license information.
  • You may be able to apply for deferment, forbearance, or cancellation of your loan payments. (Refer to your promissory note.)
  • If you do not apply for deferment or cancellation, you must pay your loan(s) as scheduled.
  • You can prepay all or part of your loan(s) at any time without penalty.
  • You may be eligible to defer repayment if you go to another institution of higher education. Contact the university's loan servicer, Heartland ESCI, (888) 549-3274.

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